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====== DOWNLOADS ======

Univers End User's Manual (on-line viewer) A hands-on guide to the procedures most often performed by assessment personnel

Univers End User's Manual

Univers FAQ File Some useful information about the installation and use of the Univers CAMA program

Version 7.6 EXE files and Support files
Version 7.5 EXE files and Support files
Access PRC (Standard/KY/IA/WI version)
Access PRC (New Jersey version)

View the Adobe Reader version of the original Univers User's Manual on-line. Having trouble? Click here for help.

Original Univers User's Manual
Univers Security Manual
Past Newsletter Articles

Version Check File Copy this reference file into the (version 7.6) Univers EXE directory (folder) to use with the System Administration Utility to check for the most current version of the Univers executable files.

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